Cosplay School Uniforms Bring Your School Life Back

Published: 21st March 2011
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It was frequently seen many cosplayers wore cosplay school uniforms showing themselves in cosplay parties. Indeed, school uniform cosplay is one the hottest cosplay leisure activities, and many people wearing cosplay school uniforms have the goals of bringing them some good memories in school.

More and more new ideas are used on fashion clothing. When it comes to anime school uniforms, this also makes sense. The big transformations on colors of these clothes especially become obvious. Above blue style shows us a dolce look, this colorful anime school uniform must do better in accentuating the wearer's female property. The short-sleeved white shirt is decorated by black bow tie, strips and lace hem, seeming really feminine. The mini skirt is made to be fluffy this time, on which pink-and-black checked pattern, black transparent layer outside and a white linings are added, making her entire look more princess-like. This time, flats are also replaced by high heels, putting an emphasis on the girl's mature glamour. To be honest, some small alterations on your cosplay costume are allowed. Just make sure you show the crowd a fantastic and also decent look.

As all known, Japan is the home of cosplay, and thus Japanese school uniform costumes also bring some inspiration for school uniform cosplay. Japanese school uniform costumes usually make wearers eye-catching hits in the reality show stage. They can accent girls' femininity and make them seem sexy. Also, they can be dolce and decent, making wearers feeling like students. Memories found back by these clothes will be cherished. Since a richer collection of cosplay school uniforms is available on the present market, you must be able to find an ideally figure-flattering suit for you.

Classic styles have left deep impression on many people - one of the most popular styles of Japanese school uniforms. Short-sleeved white shirt is paired with a hip-length black skirt. On the shirt, red bowknot is tied. Also, black square collar and stripes on the sleeve edges are carried. Then, the only accessory on the black skirt is ruffle, creating clear layers which usually make the wearer's figure rather slender. If you plan to wear such a Japanese cosplay school uniform for the coming reality show, it's unnecessary to spend a lot of time in seeking for chic decorations. Just pair it with a pair of leather flats in black and a pair of calf-length white socks.

Except for classic style, there are many styles for Japanese school uniform cosplay, such as pink-and-black checked pattern, a little sexy style and others. However, the wearers should look like students.

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